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Green tea store Leafncup Japan
Green tea store Leafncup Japan

       We know you can’t have the perfect cup of tea without the perfect cup, which is why Leafncup is pleased to offer a select number of pottery made right here in Kyushu for purchase. The items on display are all chosen by us and come from Saga prefecture, Kyushu- a region famous throughout Japan for their long history of high quality handcrafted ceramics. Despite its small size, there are approximately 100 small, family run workshops and stores in the area- many of which have been doing business for over 400 hundred years!


Here at Leafncup, we treasure authenticity above all else. Our goal is to bring you the true taste of Japanese green tea, which is why we believe the pottery you’ll find here to be the perfect match for use with our teas. We personally visit the oldest and the most renown workshops and kilns around Kyushu to find the most striking examples of Japanese craftsmanship and make them available to our customers. Generations of technique and skill are poured into every piece you’ll find here- everyone of these items has a story to tell, and we want to share them with the world.


All of our pottery is hand-fired in kilns from Kyushu, and as such stock is limited. As such, please note that these hand crafted items are one of a kind- once they’re gone, they’re gone!


Handcrafted pottery from Japan

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