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Green tea leaf from Leafncup store
Green tea leaf from Leafncup store

Leafncup started from a simple desire- a to experience a truly authentic cup of Japanese green tea. Until now, short of buying a plane ticket and flying all the way out to Japan directly, there have been precious few ways to sample the very best green tea- tea that the Japanese themselves view to be the best of the best. Very simply, we aim to change that.


Our goal is to provide high quality, great tasting, authentic green tea straight from the farms and plantations of Yame itself- a region hailed in Japan as the premier producer of sencha, matcha and gyokuro green teas. A very well deserved reputation, as the Tea Growers Association of Yame is has been the returning champion in almost every category for the last two years at the Japanese National Tea Producers’ Expo. Our teas are the genuine article, packaged and sold the exact same way they are here in Japan. We believe that both people who love green tea and those who are just starting to discover it deserve nothing less.

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